An ongoing collection of experiments, concepts, and side projects.

This is space for less polished, more WIP work samples.

Concept: The Brutualist Budget

A straight-forward to the point finance app that cuts the pleasentries and just gives the user a quick update. This concept came together through a series of conversations I had with a co-worker around the idea of being the ploar opposite of todays friendly digital products. Through this design, we found ourselves asking the question, should a finance app be a mirror or a guide? Does the app show the user emotionless reality, or does it try to comfort and help the user make a change?

Pick A Cat (Learning Proto.IO)

During some down time in between projects, I decided to brush up on the latest version of Proto.IO. I always learn better when I have a purpose and I've been really into by Neko Atsume lately, so I set out to build a prototype app that would act as a library of all the cats i've ever owned. This was particularly fun because I have had a lot of cats, so I got to draw 20-ish little cats and also utilize Proto IO's sound effects capabilities. The interaction patterns necesarry to make the app were relatively easy to pull off using the tool. Unfortunately, my free trail has ended so this app is no longer available.

Inspired by things like, The WuTang Name Generator and powered by my life long love and obsession with hip hop music. This project, a collaboration with Joshua Burson, is intended to be a tongue-in-cheek solution for anyone looking for lyrical inspiration. Each time someone lands on the site, a unique suggestion is generated. The suggested content is an amalgamation of current topics and trends, from silly to controversial, that get smashed together in a nonsensical, yet somehow coherent manner. Things would have take on more meaning simply by being juxtoposed together. Users have the option of tweeting their results or reloading the page for a entirely new option.